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“He (Herod) chose for himself on the seashore one lost city named Stratton Tower because it was a beautiful landscape and worthy of delight… ”
(Yosef Ben Matityahu, The Jewish Wars)

Caesarea, the ancient port city that served as a window to cultures overseas- including Jews, Christians, Muslims and Pagans for over 2000 years, continues today to preserve and rediscover new layers of treasures that testify to its glorious past. Over the years, and especially during the Caesarea 2015-2019 project, unique and rare archeological finds were excavated and revealed. Monuments were restored, showing how Caesarea functioned as a prosperous Roman trading city with economic and cultural activity spanning time and continents.

An ancient city comes to life.
The new Visitors’ Center is part of a project to preserve and restore the port vaults, located within a monumental structure erected by King Herod the Master Builder. The magnificent vaults were part of the port’s storage system and served as the base for the temple platform he dedicated to his patron, Emperor Augustus. This impressive exhibition presents rare antiquities, unique treasures displayed for the first time, and a film using innovative technology to describe the fascinating character of King Herod. Although the story is embedded in ancient times from thousands of years ago, a visit to the exhibition is an extraordinary experience, unique in Israel, and few of its kind around the world.