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Local Committee

A statutory committee is elected by the residents during municipal elections. The committee consists of 11 members who represent different neighborhoods within the town. The committee operates through
subcommittees, the subcommittee chairpersons, and an executive committee. Committee sessions are regularly held on the first Sunday of each month at 8:00PM in the committee meeting room at the Community Center in Neighborhood 3. All sessions are open to the public. Caesarea residents are invited to the sessions and may make suggestions and/or requests for the welfare of all residents.

Members of the Caesarea Local Committee

Moshik Segal
, Chairperson

Lior Bar, Acting Chairperson

Shmulik Novahari, Municipal Youth Committee Chairperson

Ilana Sigal, Security and Transportation Committee

Debbie Nykrug, Sports / Construction Committee

Eli Roth, Security and Transportation Committee

Moriah Hatzav Rockman, Municipal Welfare and Community Outreach Committee

Ravit Brami, Education / Youth / Culture Committee

Ilan Ben Yaakov, Sports Committee Chairperson

Ophir Manor, Transportation Committee Chairperson

Hagay Dadi, Religion / Environmental Protection Committee

Rafi Dahan, Religion Committee and Triangle Committee Chairperson

Shai Levy, Town Emergency Team Chairperson

Mira Honowitz, Audit Committee

Yaron Sokolov, Audit Committee

Dov Magen, Session Committee

Anat Tzipkin, Session Committee

Meital Saadia, Session Committee

Udi Tamir, Session Committee

Residents are invited to join the subcommittees and contribute their experience for the benefit of the
community as a whole.
Committee email: