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Architect Pete Dye

Architect Pete Dye
Pete Dye is considered the greatest golf course architect in the world. During his lifetime, Dye was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame, an honor usually reserved only for golf competitors. For the Caesarea Development Corporation and Golf Club, it was a great achievement to harness Pete Dye’s vision and talent, to build one of the few courses he had ever designed outside of the United States. The new course was built with an investment of about 12 million dollars and is both surprising and challenging for golfers of all levels- from beginners to professionals.

Pete Dye’s work
A Pete Dye golf course requires not only a skilled game but also an intellectual approach. Dye included the art of doubling tee positions, so that each hole poses a challenge for the best of players. At the same time, mid-level golfers can also enjoy the course design. Dye is one of the most ardent supporters of environmental preservation in the design of golf courses. Dye courses often host competitions as part of various tournaments for both professionals and amateurs. His courses are known for challenging greens that are difficult to read and include optical illusions.