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Emergency & Safety

The Caesarea Development Corporation gives great importance to the issue of security and invests many resources toward developing a unique security system, with the assistance of leading professionals in the field. The purpose of the division is to ensure the town’s continuous safety while imparting a sense of security to the company’s customers. The security center responds to resident calls around the clock and is tasked with safeguarding the quality of life in Caesarea.

To contact the security center, call the number *6550

The security system includes the following:

  • Management and operation of a security camera system and technologies at the Security Center, 24/7 patrol, and advanced technological C&C systems.
  • The Smart C&C (Command & Control) Center is a beacon for local and overseas organizations, councils, municipalities, and representatives that manage advanced surveillance systems within Israeli cities and towns.
  • Operationof 24/7 patrol and security teams across the town and Park; maintaining public order and security at the main tourist centers- the Caesarea Golf Club and the Port of Caesarea.
  • Throughout its years of operation, the Smart C&C Center has seen a sharp decline in the number of incidents throughout the Caesarea sector.
  • The security array consists of skilled patrol teams working 24/7, security guards at the entrances to the town and Park at night, security dispatchers responsible for managing shifts and liaising with other security agencies to close the response loop.
  • The strategy, led by the division manager, results in a 3-minute response time, with extensive use of advanced technologies to detect and prevent unusual activity throughout Caesarea.
  • Development and investment in the local Emergency Team (“Tzahi”). Budgets have been allocated for procuring emergency gear, professional training, and establishing a dedicated Operations Room for emergencies. This organized work plan has allowed for the successful management of Covid-19-related events.
  • Maintaining resident well-being and quality of life via close monitoring and tight enforcement within construction and commercial areas.
  • Management of the Smart Park systems project, including advanced C&C systems and management technologies, falls under the purview of the Security Division and shift managers of the Smart C&C Center.

Tasks of the Division

  1. Safeguard and supervise the Fund’s lands.
  2. Safeguard the Corporation’s assets and property.
  3. Protect the economic interests of the Fund and Corporation.
  4. Provide assistance to the Israeli Police in maintaining order and security in the area.
  5. Ensure worker reliability and internal organizational processes.
  6. Provide assistance to the various profit centers to increase revenue and reduce expenses.
  7. Supervision of properties being built throughout the town and protection of public spaces.

Security Units and Missions

  • The security unit has three high-quality response teams, functioning as the operational arm of the 24/7 dispatch center.
  • Construction Enforcement and Supervision Unit.
  • Static security system at the entrances to the town and Business Park.
  • Technological security system- tactical sensors and warning systems.
  • 24/7 Operations Center
  • The division’s missions focus on maintaining a security routine and an efficient transition when managing emergency events in real time, while ensuring that residents and Park employees receive high-quality service and personal treatment.

Director of the Innovation, Security, Supervision, and Enforcement Division- Moshe Rosentuler

Director of the Supervision and Enforcement Division-Daniel Manevich