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Club House

The clubhouse is located in a historic building where several famous movies have been filmed, and includes an excellent chef restaurant, a café serving light meals during the day, a quality boutique spa, and of course locker rooms for men and women.

Pro Shop

The Club's service and sales center is open every day, all year round (except for certain Mondays when the course is closed for maintenance), from 6:00AM until sunset. At the PROSHOP, you can find golf sets for rent, electric golf carts, a variety of clubs for students of the Club& golf training courses, and a storage area for members& golf bags.
Tel: 04-610-9618/ proshop@caesarea.com

Golf Shop

Our golf shop offers members and guests the best professional golf equipment in the world: clubs from the best international brands, golf shoes, gloves, headwear and balls, along with contemporary golf fashion for all clothing categories suitable also for the general public.
Tel: 04-696-4445 / golfshopcaesarea@gmail.com

Eagle Lounge

The plush members & lounge is located adjacent to the PROSHOP and allows all members to enjoy a private area for refreshments and camaraderie after the game. The lounge features the best of contemporary furniture,
a bar, and menu service from the club& café.
Tel. 04-6109618 / proshop@caesarea.com

Golf carts

The Caesarea Golf Club offers golfers a fleet of vehicles that include built-in GPS with distance map, distances from the greens and a messaging service. Each vehicle is also equipped with a cooler to keep food and drinks refrigerated.
Tel. 04-6109618 / proshop@caesarea.com

Golf sets for rent

CALLAWAY sets are available for rent at the Club with metal or graphite shafts and with “Regular” or “Stiff” levels of rigidity.
Tel. 04-6109618 / proshop@caesarea.com

Manual and electric carts

Complimentary push carts are available to any member or guest playing on the course. You can also reserve electric carts in advance at the PROSHOP.
Tel. 04-6109618 / proshop@caesarea.com

Golf bag storage area

The Club offers a number of equipment storage options, with compartments of various sizes. These include open cubbies inside the PROSHOP, small lockers suitable for a single set and large lockers suitable for electric carts.
Storage options are available for every player’s needs.
Tel. 04-6109618 / proshop@caesarea.com

Locker rooms

Premium locker rooms for men and women are available exclusively for members and include personal lockers for storing clothes and personal belongings.
Tel. 04-6109618 / proshop@caesarea.com