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Learning to Play Golf

The magic of golf becomes clear only once you begin to play. Those addicted to the sport will attest that golf is both physically and mentally challenging, dynamic, and thrilling.

Come learn the secrets of the sport that conquered the world! Enjoy a combination of healthy physical activity with social and business activity at the Caesarea Golf Club – Israel’s International Golf Center.

The Caesarea Golf Club offers learning tracks, introductory lessons, courses and more for training golfers of all levels and ages. The team of instructors at the club is the most professional and experienced in Israel. Classes are held every day of the week except for Monday- in Hebrew, English and other languages, from morning until dark.

Golf is Good for the Soul

Golf is played in the open air. Not in a closed court or inside a gym. There are golf clubs all over the world, in the most beautiful places- near lakes and rivers, on the seashore and even at the foot of a volcano. In Caesarea, the club extends over a thousand dunams of grass, carob trees and natural Israeli vegetation – a green nature reserve with lakes, ducks, and a large family of geese.

Golf is Good for the Body

A game of golf lasts between four and five hours, during which the golfer walks about 10 kilometers in the open air. Golfers say that as soon as they enter the club, they experience a state of peace and calm, with a pastoral atmosphere that completely neutralizes the hustle and bustle of everyday life- and this is the first step towards addiction.

Golf is Good for Friendships

During those long hours of play, the golfer walks with three other friends/competitors. The joint march between strike to strike along the 18 pitches is a wonderful base for creating connections- social, business and sometimes even romantic!

Golf is much more than a sport. It’s a way of life.

The combination of competitive sport and relaxing activity in the great outdoors has brought more and more younger people to the greens. Golf has become a one-of-a-kind melting pot where different generations, entire families, parents and children, and people of all sections of the population have tried- and become addicted 🙂

Discover which is the best way for you to learn golf and join the growing family of golfers at Caesarea Golf Club. 

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