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Our Staff

מיכאל כרסנטי

Michael Karsenti

CEO of the Caesarea Development Corporation and the Caesarea Assets Corporation.

Michael holds a BA in Business Administration and
Information Systems and an MBA specializing in Real
Estate Development.
Tenure: 2009

אייל איטון

Eyal Eton


A CPA by profession, Eyal holds a BA in Business
Administration and an MA in Law. He has managed the
financial and economic division of the entire group since
Tenure: 2011

אבי קורן

Avi Koren

Legal Counsel

Avi holds a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) and a Bachelor's
degree (B.A) and a Master's degree (MBA) in Business
Administration. He has been a member of the Israel Bar
Association since 2010. Before joining the company, he
served as legal counsel for a real estate company that is
traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.
Tenure: 2016

שי לי

Shai-Lee Tresser Neuhaus

VP Marketing

Shai-Lee manages all of the company’s marketing
activities including branding, advertising, public relations,
and managing the company’s sales and service center.
Shai-Lee’s past positions included Head of Marketing at
Strauss-Elite Group’s Max Brenner, Manager of Project
Planning and Supervision at Amdocs, and Contract
Manager and Business Development for Israel Aerospace
Industries. Shai-Lee holds an MBA and is an attorney by
Tenure: 2008

גיא גולדיג

Guy Goldig

VP of Operations, Head of Caesarea Community &Caesarea Smart Business Park

Guy manages community activities and the company’s
operations and maintenance. He is responsible for
supplying a variety of municipal services, including
environmental upkeep of the residential neighborhoods
and the Business Park, preservation improvement of
infrastructure systems, and support for the execution of
engineering projects. Guy is a lieutenant colonel in the
IDF Reserves with a BA from the Hebrew University of
Jerusalem. He served in the IDF for approx. 25 years in a variety of positions.
Tenure: 2013

רן אלישע

Ran Elisha

VP of Caesarea Assets Corporation

Ran has held a number of positions throughout his career
including: Manager of Assets for various companies, VP
of Marketing and Sales at a residential project
development company, and Manager of Business Development at Sonol.
Tenure: 2016

ליאור פריטי

Lior Priti

VP of Tourism Development and Trade

Lior formerly held several positions including: CEO of a
subsidiary of the Maariv Group, CEO of Netex New Media
owned by Keshet Channel 2, VP of Sales at the Yellow
Pages Group, Business Sector Manager of South & North
Regions at Cellcom, and Marketing Director of the Israel
Desk at Paltough PALRAM Group.
Tenure: 2014

רן אורן

Ran Oren

VP of Planning, Business Development & Initiatives

This division coordinates all present and future initiations
and planning of the Rothschild Foundation’s lands, and
plays a key role in their development. In his previous
position, Ran managed the realty division of the Land
Administration at Azorim, and previously managed
projects at Bar Technologies and the Tel Aviv
Municipality's Property Division. Ran holds a BA in
Geography from Tel Aviv University and an MA in
Geography and Urban and Regional Planning from the
Hebrew University.
Tenure: 2010

שאולי אלסברג

Shauli Alsberg

VP of Engineering

Shauli holds a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Shenkar. Previously, Shauli managed the Project Control Department at Electra Group.
Tenure: 2014