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Scenic Viewpoints

Herod’s Palace

From a spacious balcony overlooking an ancient private pool and the sea, you can enjoy a picturesque view of the complex of ancient buildings that were built on the site 2,000 years ago: the Hippodrome, the Crusader Fortress and the remains of the Crusader walls to the north, and an imperial theater with beautiful Roman architectural details to the south. Right before sunset, the atmosphere is particularly romantic.


The Temple Podium

A spectacular observation point with a panoramic view of the area. The podium sits on an artificial hill facing the sea and overlooks the city and the remains of the past: the entertainment district, the Theater and the Hippodrome to the south, the Crusader fortifications, the Ottoman mosque and the fortress to the north and west, and a breathtaking view of a romantic and magical sunset.

The Crusader Walls Promenade

Along the route you can enjoy a view of the city and the landscape: the remains of grand palaces, private aristocratic buildings, entertainment and amusement facilities, the sea breeze, waves and the sunset in the horizon.