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Model of Caesarea in its Glory

After conducting comprehensive archaeological-historical research, we had the privilege of re-illuminating and displaying the main monuments of Caesarea from the Byzantine Roman period- through a unique bronze model. The model was placed on the temple podium- the most exciting observation point in the ancient port.

This unique model was created through a combination of ancient technologies of bronze casting with innovative modern technologies that allow visitors to go back in time and get a sweeping view of the city at the height of it’s glory. When magnificent monumental buildings still stood in all their splendor: the Theater, the Hippodrome, the Royal Palace and the ancient port.

Immerse yourself in an educational, enriching and unique experience that connects the past with the future; the ancient with the modern. Near the new model is the Caesarea Visitors’ Center where you’ll discover the fascinating layers of Caesarea’s history as well as archaeological treasures uncovered from both land and under the sea.