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Ethics and Local Rules

The Nine Golden Rules of the Caesarea Golf Club

1. All players must register at the Proshop before starting their game on the course.

2. Dress code is in effect upon entering the course.

3. Carefully correct the ball drop mark- both yours and those of others on the green.

4. Fill divots with sand by using the designated sand bottles found in the carts and vehicles.

5. Smooth out all footprints upon leaving bunkers and sandy areas.

6. Golf carts can be driven only on designated lawns and paths. It is forbidden to drive in sand or on stones.

7. It is absolutely forbidden to play on the field with training balls.

8. Players must play without unnecessary delays and should keep up with the team in front of them.

9. On busy days, singles and pairs will join others to form trios/fours, and this will be organized by the starter and marshal.