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About the Harbor


Since its founding about 2,030 years ago, and throughout its various periods, Caesarea has been a vibrant harbor city. Its importance and architectural wealth made it one of the most important cities throughout the Roman and Byzantine empires. It is a city of past, present, and future, which has served for much of its history as Israel’s capitol. A remnant of the splendor and might of an ancient engineering wonder, created by one of the master engineers of the ancient world- King Herod. You can experience the marvelous story of the city of Caesarea and the thrilling character of King Herod the Master Builder at the Visitors’ Center at the harbor.

The harbor, located at the heart of the National Park, is a historical site with stunning cultural heritage. As one of the most popular tourist sites in Israel, it serves as a focal point and an anchor for international tourism.

The New York Times has called it “Pompeii on the Shore” and recommended it as one of the 50 best trip
destinations in 2020. Indeed, every year over 1.5 million visitors enjoy the site’s unique combination of antiquities, art galleries, gourmet restaurants on the water, and archaeological excavations that are unrivaled in Israel and around the world.

The Caesarea Development Corporation has completed unprecedented work, which began in 2015 as an
initiative of the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation in conjunction with the Israel Antiquities Authority and the Israel Parks and Nature Authority. Visitors enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience revealing both ancient and modern Caesarea.