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Caesarea offers magical culinary spots offering a wide variety of gourmet dishes and wine right beside the sea
with romantic vistas.

שולחן ערוך לסעודה, עציץ סחלבים וחלונות גדולים שנשקף מהם ים

Unique, creative kitchen led by renowned chef Amos Sion and his partner Uri Jeremias. Israeli contemporary Mediterranean kitchen combining elements from other cuisines. Rich and varied menu includes a wide variety of dishes from the local fishery, aged meats, and vegetarian dishes.

With an impressive sea view of the ancient port of Caesarea and offering a unique and varied kosher Mediterranean menu including classic dishes, fish, meat, and a variety of Tapas.

The Crusaders Post

04-6361679 / 052-6371910 /

צלחת ועליה מנת אוכל מקושטת, וברקע עציץ, בקבוק יין, כוס וכוסית.

Kosher dairy restaurant that will take you for the culinary ride of your dreams through Italy. Located in the heart of antiquity, with a spellbinding view of the sea, a unique family atmosphere, and a contemporary and varied gourmet menu created by chef Cheli Ben Naim featuring fish, fresh pasta, pizza and focaccia fresh from the stone oven, salads, and more.


04-6363456 /

Whatever you crave, you’ll find at La Vita Bella. Pizza, bagels, excellent Italian ice cream, and delightful yogurt. You’ll also find local coffee and fabulous handmade desserts that you can even take “to go.”


La Vita Bella

04-6265888 /

Beach restaurant and bar right at the shore. The menu features breakfasts, family dishes, high-quality alcohol and “mazetim” (Israeli hors d’oeuvres).

Beach Bar

04-6363989 /

At the most beautiful spot in Israel, with the perfect combination of nature, sea, and historical buildings, you’ll find the chef restaurant Caesar Yam, for an indulgent meal and events customized to your needs.

Caesar Yam

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Limani, which means “port” in Greek, is located at the foot of the 2000-year-old Crusader fortress, providing a rare combination of a breathtaking view, flavorful kitchen, and joyous atmosphere.

Limani Bistro

04-6100022 /