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Waste and Pruning Removal

The Caesarea Development Corporation goes to great lengths to maintain the town and keep it clean. Residents are requested to make sure to remove tree cuttings and bulk waste at the appropriate public areas and only in the evening prior to removal days, as follows:

NeighborhoodWaste RemovalPruning Removal

Gold Coast


Sun, Mon

Hahoresh (2)
Mon, Wed, FriThu, Fri

HaTzamarot (3)
Mon, Wed, Fri Mon, Thu

HaHadarim (4)
Mon, Wed, FriThu, Fri

HaPrahim (5)
Mon, Wed, Fri Thu, Fri

HaYam (6)
Mon, Wed, Fri Tue, Wed

HaTsiporim (7)
Sun, Tue, ThuTue, Wed

HaBikurim (8)
Sun, Tue, ThuSun, Mon

HaAdi (9)
Sun, Tue, Thu Sun, Mon

HaMaof (10)
Sun, Tue, Thu Tue, Wed

Avnei HaHen (11)
Sun, Tue, Thu Sun, Mon

HaTeva (12)
Sun, Tue, Thu Sun, Mon

HaRakia (13)
Mon, Wed, Fri Sun, Mon

Recycling areas: neighborhoods 3,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,
Gold Coast, and the school parking complex.

Scraps: removal days are Mondays and Thursdays. Notify the center prior to removal days and take out
scraps to the curb the night before.

For questions, call: 6550* /