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Caesarea Center

Caesarea’s active and engaged community benefits from a myriad of activities for all ages. Resident involvement in the vibrant community life and investing in future generations are integral to life in Caesarea.

Caesarea’s Center for Culture and Recreation- the social heart of the town, has been in operation since 1992. It serves as a hub for recreation and enrichment for all of Caesarea residents – children and adults alike. The center holds various activities throughout the day based on a diverse schedule of classes as well as cultural events on holidays and throughout the year.

These activities include the C Morning Club – a members’ club for residents ages 50+, theater, dance, and choir groups, a Bridge club youth center, and more.

Residents of Caesarea act as full partners toward developing cultural programs and community activities via resident-led committees. These operate throughout the city and play an essential role in defining Caesarea’s cultural and educational programs. They include the Youth Committee; the Culture Committee; the Early Childhood Committee; and the Education Committee.

Caesarea’s community champions environmental protection throughout the town and the safeguarding of surrounding natural areas including the beach, sand dunes, and green spaces.

Our Team

Julia PansonCommunity Development Manager

Zohar DayanCulture and Events Coordinator

Ortal Sagi Class and Project Coordinator

Eyal Ben DavidMaintenance Services

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Customer Service and Sales: *6550 callfrom any phone or by email:

Address: Caesarea Center, Neighborhood 3 Next to Tiv Ta’am, Ground Floor.