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Volunteer Work

Caesarea’s Parent Patrol – “HaSharurim”

The Parent Patrol was established as part of a general council project, led by the council’s Welfare Department, the Rescue (Metzila) Division, the Ministry of Internal Security, and the National Authority for the War on Drugs and Alcohol.

Every Thursday, and sometimes on Fridays, volunteer parents go out on patrol wearing branded red shirts, patrolling the town at youth-related meeting points such as parties and gatherings. Activity is in full cooperation with Caesarea’s Security Department.

Goal: to increase adult presence in public spaces and provide a solution for youth when needed, at various places of entertainment.
Interested in joining? Please contact Tova Bar, the project coordinator, at +972-50-3116080

Tzachi – Local Emergency Team

The local emergency teams are ready to provide immediate response to any emergency that may occur in town. This significantly contributes to residents’ personal and community resilience. We volunteer to assist individuals, families, and the community. Tzachi relies on volunteers and activists from the community.

To join, please contact +972-52-5228899 (Shay Levy).

Committee for the Benefit of Soldiers

The committee consists of 18 volunteers whose purpose is to accompany youth when enlisting in military service, visit soldiers before the holidays and give them small gifts. The group has also adopted the Nitzan Unit and hosts an annual fundraising evening, the proceeds of which go to Nitzan Unit’s Lone Soldiers.
Chairperson: Etti Naveh – +972-52-2545857

Youth Committee

The youth committee creates a variety of activities for the town’s children and youth during after school hours. Areas of responsibility include the Youth Club, the Scouts Movement, and the Bnei Akiva movement.
Chairperson Shmulik Novahari: +972-54-5500882

Caesarea Library

A place for communal and family gatherings. A place to relax, read and borrow books in Hebrew, English, and French.

The library offers youth a pleasant place for engaging in their personal commitments.

Librarian: Michal Terzi – +972-54-6261540

For more details about the library, click here.