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Pétanque Class

Pétanque is a bowling game originating in France and combines fun, recreation, and competitiveness. Its purpose is to promote physical, mental, and social health of older players and also offers participation in league competitions.

Game Advantages

  • Moderate physical exercise.
  • Encourages social and community ties and volunteer work.
  • Helps with concentration and memory; develops accuracy and coordination.
  • Increases cognitive and tactical abilities.
  • A competitive game for individuals, couples, or triplets, and is also suitable for intergenerational activities: grandparents-grandchildren, grandparents-school students, and more.

Days and Hours

Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

Saturday mornings.

To schedule participation:
Varda Sagiv +972-52-2530360


The Eucalyptus grove, 1 Migdal Street, Neighborhood 8.

* Caesarea residents may participate free of charge.