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Children and Youth Education

There are approximately 350 children in Caesarea between the ages of 2 and 6 who enjoy a high level of education. The town has five preschools for different ages, managed by the excellent educational staff of the Department of Education in the Hof HaCarmel Regional Council.

In addition, there are two private nurseries supervised by the Ministry of Education and the Private Preschool Organization.

The Hof HaCarmel Regional Council operates an afternoon daycare center for preschool children.

The afternoon daycare center is managed by Elka Meitav- +972-4-8136259

Municipal Preschools

Aluma – Kindergarten
Neighborhood 11, Shoham St.
        Tel: +972-4-6264362

Gefen – Preschool

Neighborhood 11, Shoham St.
        Tel: +972-4-6264359

Ha’Adi – Religious Public Kindergarten – for three age groups

Neighborhood 9, Sapir St.
        Tel: +972-4-6360254

HaShita – Preschool

Neighborhood 5, Hadar St.
      Tel: +972-4-6360571

Tamar – Kindergarten

Neighborhood 6, Snapir St.
        Tel: +972-4-6362174

Kibbutzon Preschool – Sharon
        Tel: +972-54-3135136

Merkaz Tzeadim – Adi Ohana

28 Hashemesh St. (13)
        Tel: +972-50-7587773