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Environmental Protection and Recycling

Caesarea residents enjoy a high quality of life in a prestigious and prosperous town, located in one of the greenest and most well-kept areas in Israel. Residents have the responsibility and capability to protect the environment, the beach, dunes, and green spaces, for us and for future generations.

The Caesarea Development Corporation strives to encourage recycling in Caesarea, which clearly and directly contributes to environmental quality and protection. Currently, recycling containers for 1.5+ liter plastic drinking bottles and paper of all kinds are placed throughout the town. There are six recycling centers, each with separate storage vessels for recycling glass, packaging, cardboard and paper, plastic, and textiles.

Location of Recycling Bins

  1. At the Caesarea school.
  2. In the community center next to the southwest parking lot.
  3. At the mail distribution center, Neighborhood 11במרכז חלוקת הדואר בשכונה 8
  4. At the mail distribution center, Neighborhood 8
  5. At the mail distribution center, Rothschild Boulevard
  6. At the entrance to the Golf Neighborhood (Neighborhood 13) from Ha’or Street
  7. These are our “Ten Commandments” at the Caesarea Development Corporation for protecting the environment:

We have a wonderful environment to love. Caesarea is our home.

For any environment-related questions, contact the Service and Sales Center at *6550 or +972-4-6174408.

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