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Caesarea Smart Business Park

Caesarea Smart Business Park

Smart planning tailored to park residents

The careful planning of the park was designed to meet the varying needs of local and global business companies. This is reflected in the creation of a flexible and technological space, while also emphasizing creating connections and developing a bustling business community.

  • Flexibility and dynamics

The park’s business space adapts to changes in the business worlds, and in particular, to companies within the park. This is reflected in the modular design of the overall area as well as individual spaces, according to the specific needs of the business at every stage of its activity. In this way, the park has provided an ideal infrastructure for its residents- from start-ups with individual employees to giant global companies. The park allows businesses to grow and expand, in a high-quality, valuable business space that keeps up-to-date over time. This is why the residents of the park, both old and new, see the campus not only as a home, but as an ongoing collaborator.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology

Continuously understanding the changing needs of the businesses in the park allows us to be at the forefront of technological advancements, implementing them at the infrastructural level. Multiple applications are linked to the park management’s “cock pit” and enable close monitoring of all of the park’s activity. Fiber optic and wifi networks provide employees with fast communication capabilities, and a 24/7 internet support service is available throughout the park, including a dedicated application for this purpose. These services are provided at no additional charge.

  • Leading Business Community

The park management invests many resources in creating a fruitful business space for the residents of the park, and this has led to the creation of a bustling business community that has already become a model at an international level. These achievements are the result of proactive and continuous initiatives such as professional meetings, networking, and sport activities to break the routine. Park visitors also benefit from Caesarea’s tourist and commercial environment, including the golf club, Caesarea Harbor, and a variety of restaurants, all of which contribute to the locale’s unique business character.

  • Lucrative Business Package

Caesarea Business Park offers an exceptional opportunity to join a successful business community, with attractive and economical packages adapted to various needs. Globes has also reviewed our offers and found that “The Caesarea Business Park offers a lucrative and economical business package and is the optimal option for many high-tech companies due to its attractive location, comfortable work environment, train and shuttle services, rent and management fees and parking costs.” (Globes, December 2015).