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The Caesarea Assets


The Caesarea Assets Corporation is the real estate development branch of the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation. The company works to develop and improve the foundation’s lands and the Caesarea Business Park as well as expand its portfolio of income-generating assets. 

The Caesarea Assets Corporation has extensive experience in the initiation, construction, rental and ongoing maintenance of advanced buildings in the fields of high-tech, logistics and commerce. The company holds about 150,000 square meters of property, 700,0000 square meters of which are located within the park, with an additional 80,000 square meters currently in construction.

The Caesarea Assets Corporation is active in a wide variety of buildings and properties, including offices and high-tech, logistics, warehousing and industry, commerce and future entrepreneurship.

The company’s clients include Alma Lasers, Itamar Medical, Delta, Arinta, Habana Labs, Max Stock, Agami, Cisco, Nielsen, Mazor, Medtronic and more.

Since its foundation, the company has operated according to a strategy that is based on five central components:

  • Geography- activity in the Greater Caesarea area
  • Activity- developing income-producing real estate
  • Growth and competition
  • Meticulous engineering quality
  • Superb service and added value for customers