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One of Hawaii’s favorite street foods! Pokis include a variety of fresh, high-quality fish placed on nutritious and tasty side dishes, diverse, colorful vegetables, a variety of sauces and surprising garnishes.

Poke Van

04-888-0040 / Halamish 7, Caesarea North Industrial Park

An authentic Mediterranean experience at a quality, kosher Greek restaurant. Meat and fish dishes are prepared on the spot with all the superb flavors that Greece has to offer, based on fresh ingredients. The restaurant offers a warm, colorful, cooperative, and routine-breaking atmosphere.


04-6242233 / Alon Hatvor 11, Caesarea South Business Park

פלפלים ממולאים בבשר מסעדת שגיא בפארק עסקים דרומי

Authentic high quality Mediterranean cuisine, quality meats and homemade dishes.

Open Sunday-Thursday, from 10:30-16:30.

A leading sushi bar and restaurant chain specializing in Asian cuisine with a selection of traditional Japanese dishes.

Japanika-Sushi bar

3636* / Halamish 17, Caesarea North Industrial Park

American bar-restaurant, offering premium grilled meats, hamburgers and mini dishes.


04-6273005 / Shoham 13, Caesarea North Industrial Park

Shabtai is Israel’s first pizzeria pub with good food, excellent pizza, a special atmosphere and great music. Open every day of the week starting at 12:00.

Pizza Shabtai

4560* / Halamish 9, Caesarea North Industrial Park

Homemade food and a varied salad bar for your own meal creations. Also on offer are coffee, freshly-squeezed juices, quality sandwiches, pastries and all-day breakfasts.


053-937-9002 / Halamish 14, Caesarea North Industrial Park