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One of Hawaii’s favorite street foods! Pokis include a variety of fresh, high-quality fish placed on nutritious and tasty side dishes, diverse, colorful vegetables, a variety of sauces and surprising garnishes.

Poke Van

04-888-0040 / Halamish 7, Caesarea North Industrial Park

An authentic Mediterranean experience at a quality, kosher Greek restaurant. Meat and fish dishes are prepared on the spot with all the superb flavors that Greece has to offer, based on fresh ingredients. The restaurant offers a warm, colorful, cooperative, and routine-breaking atmosphere.


04-6242233 / Alon Hatvor 11, Caesarea South Business Park

פלפלים ממולאים בבשר מסעדת שגיא בפארק עסקים דרומי

Authentic high quality Mediterranean cuisine, quality meats and homemade dishes.

Open Sunday-Thursday, from 10:30-16:30.

A leading sushi bar and restaurant chain specializing in Asian cuisine with a selection of traditional Japanese dishes.

Japanika-Sushi bar

3636* / Halamish 17, Caesarea North Industrial Park

American bar-restaurant, offering premium grilled meats, hamburgers and mini dishes.


04-6273005 / Shoham 13, Caesarea North Industrial Park

מאפה בצק עגול ועליו בין השאר עלי רוקט מונח על צלחת עץ עגולה ברקע גושי גבינה קשה

Shabtai is Israel’s first pizzeria pub with good food, excellent pizza, a special atmosphere and great music. Open every day of the week starting at 12:00.

Pizza Shabtai

4560* / Halamish 9, Caesarea North Industrial Park

Homemade food and a varied salad bar for your own meal creations. Also on offer are coffee, freshly-squeezed juices, quality sandwiches, pastries and all-day breakfasts.


053-937-9002 / Halamish 14, Caesarea North Industrial Park