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Vision and Core Values

“The Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Caesarea Development Corporation Ltd. will open a unique and leading business and industrial park in the country, which will serve as a regional employment center that is beautiful, clean and safe, and which preserves quality of life and the quality of the environment.”

A better park – a better world!

Natureesarea Park encourages environmentally friendly industries.
Caesarea Park is an ecological business and industrial park with international standards- and this is not coincidental. The park is located on a coastal aquifer, and this requires special care of the environment, the water and the preservation of the values ​​of nature and the landscape.

 LifeCaesarea Park promotes the medical equipment industries in Israel.
Caesarea Park provides a home for the development, scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations of the medical equipment industry in Israel. As part of the park’s overall vision to promote advanced industries, a variety of real estate solutions are available, with flexible planning and perfect adaptation to the changing needs of companies within these fields. The companies operating in the park benefit from dedicated buildings planned to the last detail, including infrastructure for research laboratories and sterile rooms, while strictly adhering to protecting and preserving the local landscape, nature and the quality of the environment.

 WaterCaesarea Park supports the water industries in Israel
The scarcity of water- the secret to life and nature’s most basic treasure, has received increasing global awareness in recent years. This trend creates a variety of business opportunities for the water and environmental industries in Israel and has even achieved the status of an industry with national priority. The unique geographical location of Caesarea Park, its proximity to the seashore, to the large desalination plant that will be built in the area in the coming years, and to the variety of water infrastructure beta sites, makes it a natural choice for companies in this industry.

AdvancedCaesarea Park develops advanced industries in Israel.
Caesarea Park provides knowledge industries with advanced infrastructures and a perfect working environment. The advanced industries complex in the park is located close to the train station and was specially designed to meet the special requirements and characteristics of these companies- both large and small. Each building in the complex allows for a flexible internal layout, which can be changed according to the company’s rate of growth.