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Nearby attractions – Make your day!

The Caesarea Harbor, located in the Caesarea National Park, invites you to enjoy an array of sites in the city, in addition to unique attractions nearby. Make a perfect fun day for yourselves!

The Roman Aqueduct


The Roman Aqueduct and its beach area is a great place to stroll, relax and watch beautiful sunsets. The Aqueduct brought running water to the old city of Caesarea.

Caesar Spa Mansion


Caesar Spa is a unique spa, a leader in its field, offering all the pleasures for individuals, couples, groups, lovers, those wishing to rest, to make others happy, and especially for those interested in rejuvenation!

Tel. 04-6266669


Ralli Museum


Located in the center of the city of Caesarea, the Ralli Museum exhibits mainly Latin American and Spanish paintings and sculptures, as well as 16th to 18th century paintings depicting biblical themes, and archeological artefacts from Caesarea. The entrance is free!

Tel. 04-6261013


The Caesarea Golf Club


The prestigious Caesarea Golf Club is the only international golf club in Israel. It offers golfers a wide range of facilities and resources, including a meticulously groomed golf course, a diverse course plan, spacious training ranges, a staff of skilled instructors, a golf academy and school for children, a pro shop with a wide selection of golf and sporting gear, and a gourmet restaurant.